Pupil Council

Here we are at work.

The pupil council has been running for many  years now and is very successful.  The reps from each class attend the meetings:

  • Room 2 Emily
  • Room 3 Alex
  • Room 4 Amy
  • Room 6 Scott
  • Room 7 Hannah
  • Room 9 Holly
  • Room 10 Sean
  • Room 11 Joseph/ Alanna Jane
  • Room 12 Alana
  • Room 13 Luke
  • Room 14 Aidan
  • Mrs Russell helped us with our first meeting this session and we now have representatives from every class including Primary 1.   We will be having class meetings so have a think about what you think would improve our school and tell us at the meeting.

    Let us know your views on what is going on in St Patrick's and we will see what we can do .

    What have we changed in St Patrick's?

    • Uniform
    • new bins for the playground
    • ideas to improve our themed weeks eg Book Week etc
    • dressing up for Hallowe'en

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