Glow image LTS website All children from Primary 2  to Primary 7 are now using Glow. Primary 2 have been given lots of help from their  'Glow Buddies' who occasionally come to their ICT lesson and help out with passwords and e-mails.

Through Glow, the older children can access their e-mail programme in school and from home.

 They can also enjoy some of the programmes we log on to in school by accessing them through our weblinks section. 

They especially enjoy using their personal space called 'My Glow'. Here they can add their own pictures and fill in their own calendar with important dates for the rest of the term. They can also add friends to their contact list. There are lots of ways to personalise this Glow space, I am sure they will continue to enjoy using it.

Primary 1 with the help of their new Glow Buddies will log on in time for Christmas and be able to take part in a Glow Christmas!

GLOW  is the first national intranet for education. It is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Learning and Teaching Scotland. Glow will provide a safe environment for pupils, teachers and parents. It will transform the way education is delivered in Scotland

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