Outdoor learning in P4 - looking after our environment.Curriculum for Excellence has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching for all 3 to 18 year olds. It aims to help prepare children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need in a fast changing world.
The curriculum isn’t just the subjects taught, but everything about learning and teaching and all the experiences planned for children and young people throughout their education – wherever they are being educated.

Health & Wellbeing information from the Young Alcohol Team.The aim of Curriculum for Excellence is to help every child become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and an effective contributor. These are known as the four capacities, as outlined on the Curriculum for Excellence website.

The curriculum areas are

1. expressive arts
2. health and wellbeing
3. languages
4. mathematics
5. religious and moral education
6. sciences
7. social studies
8. technologies

Please click on each subject area to follow the link to Education Scotland's website on Curriculum for Excellence.

There are new levels to describe a child's path through the curriculum.

The path most children and young people are expected to follow through the levels reflects the stages of maturation of children and young people and the changing ways in which they engage with learning as they develop.

Some children and young people will start learning at these levels earlier and others later, depending upon individual needs and aptitudes. The framework is however designed to be flexible in order to permit careful planning for those with additional support needs, including those who, for example, have a learning difficulty and those who are particularly able or talented.

While children and young people should feel that the transition from one stage of learning to another is smooth, they should still be able to look forward to the excitement of starting nursery, primary school and secondary school, and finally to moving on to positive and sustained destinations.

Level                                           Stage
Early                            The pre-school years and P1, or later for some.
First                             To the end of P4, but earlier or later for some.
Second                       To the end of P7, but earlier or later for some.
Third and Fourth       S1 to S3, but earlier for some.   

 Senior phase            S4 to S6, and college or other means of study.

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